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This is reference manual of DbShell elements. Basic principles you can see in introduction.

Common principles

DbShell Core elements

  • Batch - enapsulates sequence of commands
  • CdlFile - read/write access to CDL file (binary format for storing table data, defined by DbShell)
  • CopyTable - copies tabular data
  • CreateTable - creates table from data
  • CsvFile - read/write access to CSV file
  • DatabaseProvider - provides database model (as input into Razor element)
  • Echo - prints message
  • File - represents file with date,type is determined by extension
  • FilesProvider - provides list of files in directory
  • ForEach - enumerates collection of objects (tables, files in directory)
  • LoadModule - loads additional DbShell module
  • Query - providers access to query result
  • SaveToFile - saves binary or textual data to file
  • Razor - creates files using razor template
  • Script - runs SQL script
  • SetColumnProperty - assigns property of column (used for generating documentation)
  • SetTableProperty - assigns property of table (used for generating documentation)
  • SetVariable - assigns global variable
  • Table - enapsulates database table
  • TablesProvider - provides list of tables in database
  • View - enapsulates database view
  • XmlReader - reads XML file into tabular data

DbShell Core markup extension

Markup extensions are used in attribute values, it is a shortcut to equivalent element.

  • {Create Genre} - syntax sugar of Table element
  • {Database} - syntax sugar of DatabaseProvider element
  • {File 'c:/test/file.csv'} - syntax sugar of File element
  • {Files 'c:/test/*.csv'} - syntax sugar of FilesProvider element
  • {Query 'select * from Album'} - syntax sugar of Query element
  • {Table Genre} - syntax sugar of Table element
  • {Tables} - syntax sugar of TablesProvider element

DataSet module elements

This module is used from exporting related data from database. Must be loaded using LoadModule command.

It solves common problem, how to move data from one database to another with preserving relationships between objects. DataSet module loads all marked rows, it searches for relationsships and it creates INSERT SQL script, which preserves relationships.

  • AddRows - adds rows from table
  • DataSet - initializes dataset
  • KeepKey - marks key as keep (inserted values are the some as in original database)
  • LoadFile - loads CDL file into dataset
  • LoadMissing - marks entity to load missing rows
  • LoadReferences - load marked references from table
  • Prepare - prepares dataset (analyse relations, load missing data)
  • WriteSql - write SQL inserting data
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